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The preferred choice in n-PB solvent solutions for metal cleaning,
metal fabricating and metal finishing.

AV Solution is designed and formulated for use in vapor degreasing and
ultrasonic cleaning to achieve maximum economy, longevity and high quality cleaning performance, especially in high-volume, high production vapor degreasing applications. 

The concept of
Vapor Degreasing

The following video explains how AV Solution is used to precision clean parts used in the manufacturing process.

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  1. Fully patented cleaning technology
  2. Top Selling leader
  3. Fully researched and supported by Science
  4. SNAP approved
  5. Non-carcinogen – improved safety
  6. Consistent Quality
  7. Contains no Chlorine
  8. Non-flammable
  9. Recyclable
  10. Highly stable
  11. Longer life than alternatives
  12. Drop in replacement for Chlorinated Solvents
  13. High solvency power
  14. Improved productivity
  15. Reduces solvent consumption and emissions
  16. High qualified distributor network
  17. Residue free
  18. Compatible with titanium and light alloys
  19. Consistent cleaning quality
  20. Non-ozone depleting
  21. Low global warming potential
  22. Full technical support
  23. Easy Operator training

Outstanding Economy

We recognize that the total cost of cleaning is more than just the cost of the solvent.

That is why with AV Solution you will find a competitively priced product, a full complement of support personnel, and performance characteristics that enhance the cost-effectiveness of choosing AV Solution. 

Superior Cleaning Performance

AV Solution is a powerful solvent on a broad range of common manufacturing
By traditional solvency measures of the Hildebrand Parameter and KB factor, AV Solution is comparable to that of chlorinated solvents and exceeds that of the fluorinated solvents by a substantial measure.

AV Solution is highly effective in
cleaning organic contaminants such as oils, greases, lubricants, coolants, drawing fluids, adhesives, waxes, fluxes and flux residues.

AV Solution is formulated to be
compatible with all metals and a broad range of elastomers and plastics.

Favorable Regulatory Profile

AV Solution contains no HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and is not NESHAP regulated.
It is not considered a hazardous material by the DOT.   Additionally, spent AV Solution is
not a hazardous waste, so disposal is simple and cost effective.

Ideal Drop-In Replacement for Chlorinated Solvents

AV Solution is engineered for applications where chlorinated solvents such as TCE, PERC and Methylene Chloride are being used for vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning. When comparing AV Solution to a chlorinated solvent you get more cleaning power without the negative environmental effects. AV Solution’s physical properties (no flash point, azeotropic, boiling point, solvency power, stability and ready distillation) and favorable regulatory profile make AV Solution ideal for replacing chlorinated solvents.

Simple to Use in Your Existing Equipment

AV Solution works in a broad range of vapor degreasing units from Branson to Baron Blakeslee to ETA Vapor degreasing and distillation equipment and all Finishing Equipment Units. Typically, with a simple adjustments to the temperature settings, you can drop in AV Solution and continue normal operations. In addition, the similarity of AV Solution’s physical characteristics to chlorinated solvents allows continued use without substantial operator re-training on work practices or solvent maintenance.

Expertise and Support to Ensure Your Success

Best of all with AV Solution, the Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc. support team is behind you.

We are confident that our expertise in solvent chemistries, vapor degreasing equipment and regulatory compliance will allow us to provide the correct solution to solve any cleanliness, productivity or regulatory issues that your company may experience.

Please give us a call at (049) 541-0377, (049) 502-3592, (049) 544-0214, Fax (049) 541-0215 or visit our website www.asiavirescentinc.com.


AV Solution is a precision cleaning solvent for use in applications where high integrity vapour cleaning is needed. It is used in Aerospace, Medical and Electronics Industries. AV Solution is a safer alternative to the carcinogenic and ozone depleting trichloroethylene (TCE).

TCE is a known category 2 carcinogen with the R45 label - May cause Cancer. It is also considered to be a reproductive toxin although is not labelled as such since the HSE consider that classifying it as a carcinogen would mean that employers / users would not need to take further precautions since a carcinogen is the most toxic

In 2004 the substance, n propyl bromide was reclassified from:

R10, R20, Xn


R11, R60, R48/20, R63, R36/37/38, R67, T

This classifies it as Reprotoxic and puts it into the group of CMR’s (Carcinogens, Mutagens and Reprotoxic).

A similar chemical, Iso Propyl Bromide was cited as a known fertility toxicant to justify the change. Studies now show that the Iso Propyl Bromide metabolises in a completely different way to nPB and therefore direct comparisons cannot be drawn. More recent work shows that any fertility effect, which is first seen after exposure to > 500ppm, is based on the secondary narcotic effect and not a direct effect. Therefore we believe that the R60 classification is not sustainable.

AV Solution is a preparation and not a substance and is therefore subject to the Preparations Directive 1999/45/EC. This is implemented into UK law by the CHIP regulations, although the EU directive always takes precedence. In classifying and labelling AV Solution, we have referred to Article 6(3) of Directive 1999/45/EC. This allows us to classify the product according to its effect on man. We have a number of case studies from around the world demonstrating that there is no evidence of reproductive toxicity at the relatively high exposure levels recorded. These levels are 5-10 times those typically found around a vapour degreaser. We have therefore maintained our original classification of Xn R20. Harmful by inhalation and R36/37/38 Irritating to eyes respiratory system and skin.

nPB is not a carcinogen. There have been many studies over the years and there has never been an indication that it has a carcinogenic effect. In the United States of America it is not listed as a carcinogen by IARC or the NTP. Studies on commissioned Invitro Human Cell Bioassay of Commonly Used Vapour Degreasing Solvents as peer reviewed and published in Toxicology and Industrial Health 2006; 22: 301_315, show that the results are consistent with previous animal testing and confirm that nPB has no mutagenic effect within the exposure levels tested. It confirms the hazards with TCE and also indicates potential mutagenic hazards with using HFE’s for which there is very little animal testing data available.

MnPB does not have an official OEL although various organisations have issued recommendations.

The US EPA have recently given nPB SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy) approval making it a safe alternative for vapour degreasing. They quote it as less toxic than TCE. Their recommended exposure limit of 25ppm maximum is based on the Duoll and Rozman report but with much higher uncertainty factors and is close to the generally accepted solvent levels found in practice around vapour degreasers.

NO !

nPB was reclassified in the 29th ATP as R11 Highly flammable following some debatable test results and a majority opinion from an expert group. Many experts disagree with the opinion. When the same test method was used on other common vapour degreasing solvents, similar flash points were found. If those flash points were used to define their flammability then all would be Flammable (R10) or Highly flammable (R11)

Solvent | Flash point | Derived Flammability

Trichloroethylene | +24ºC | R10

Methylene Chloride | -5.5 ºC | R11

HFE 72 DE | -9 ºC | R11

HFE 71 DE | -16 ºC | R11

HFE 71 A | -14 ºC | R11

nPB | -5 ºC | R11

When other appropriate methods are used, no flash point can be found. However the HSE are not prepared to reclassify those solvents or change the R11 assigned to nPB. AV Solution, being a preparation can be self classified and our products have tested by an independent GLP test house specialising in flammability and risk assessment who confirm they do not have a flash point and are therefore not flammable.

We are concerned that industry is continuing to use a known carcinogen such as TCE when there are safer products such as AV Solution available. Employees and the general population are being exposed to the risk of cancer which once developed is a permanent threat to life. Some small risk of fertility impairment which is transitory and can be managed is surely the way forward. As a company, we are committed to Responsible Care and our technical specialist distributors promote solvent reduction programs to reduce the effect on the environment.