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Super CORR A

Case Study: Corrosion Protection For Railways And Transportation 


Control Switches

LEFT : Badly rusted Control Switch untreated:
Electrical failure after 100 hours salt spray.

RIGHT : Switch treated with SuperCORR A:
Electrical failure after 1400 hours salt spray.

As the photographs above demonstrate SuperCORR A lubricates and protects switches in the most hostile environments which are likely to be experienced in the transportation industry.

The tests shown were carried out under controlled conditions in a hot salt spray which accelerates the results, full test details here.
It is clear that the use of SuperCORR A in regular maintenance procedures can bring financial savings in reduced maintenance and replacement costs and more importantly greater safety.


Rusty Bulbs

TOP : SuperCORR Ais used by Amtrak

Amtrak tested SuperCORR A and reported an impressive improvement in the mating of 480V car jumpers with excellent protection for connector pins and lugs with no corrosion, overheating or electrical pitting over six months. Preventive maintenance from one can has all but eliminated failures of lubrication and reduced maintenance costs on demanding passenger trains. 

Test results:  Amtrakresults