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Super CORR A

Case Study: Electronic and Electrical Corrosion 


Circuit Boards

TOP : A circuit board under a black light that was partially coated with an ultra thin film of

The UV version of SuperCORR A gives visual indication of the integrity of the coating and allows recoating after maintenance where necessary. radiation.

SuperCORR A was tested by a leading international computer manufacturer for evaporative weight loss (a primary indicator of corrosion-inhibitor/lubricant effectiveness). After 1000 hours of exposure at 80°C SuperCORR A had a weight loss of 40% (30% after 160 hours), the lowest of all the materials tested.


Rusty Bulbs

TOP : Untreated corroded lightbulb.

A chemical warehouse storing acids and other corrosive materials had continuous problems servicing the lighting system. One man with a helper to hold the ladder had a full time job removing and replacing bulbs which had corroded into holders. The filaments failed as the current resistance through the corroded surfaces increased.

A spray of SuperCORR A onto the bulb connector and the holder solved the problem. Now bulbs are changed as required but it is now part of routine maintenance. Savings of thousands of dollars per year in man hours and hundreds of bulbs.