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Cleaning & Distilling Equipment

Vapor Degreasers, and Precision Cleaners Our Ultrasonic Cleaners provide solutions for precision cleaning of Equipment for Hospital and Industrial components.

Configurations Available: Vapor Spray, lmmersion Vapor Spray, Ultrasonic lmmersion Vapor Spray



Precision Cleaner Series

Product Description 

The most reliable and effective precision cleaning and a powerful tool in the health care field is the ultrasonic energy. Dental clinics, hospitals and in the
manufacturing of surgical instruments, implants, prostheses, and Orthopedic devices all use ultrasonic cleaners. These are used to remove removing contaminants that can spread pathogens endangering the health of caregivers and patients a first step. A compact model of the ultrasonic
cleaner can be used for home cleaning of items like scissors, nail trimmers, dentures, toothbrushes and other instruments.


• Pharmaceutical
• Hospital
• Laboratories
• Semi-Conductors
• Firearms
• Jewelries
• Automotive Industry
• Metal Stamping


330 U/S

(3 Sump Vapor Degreaser)

Product Description

- Freeboard: 22.6”(57.5cm)
- 4-Side Tank Insulation
- All Solvent Wetted Parts of Stainless Steel T-304 or Greater Magnetic Drive Recirculation Pump(0.2 KW) and Filtration System 10
- 10 Micron Cartridge Filter
- Stainless Steel T-304 Cover
- Stainless Steel T-304 Water Separator
- Stainless Steel Cooling Coils
- 1200W-40kHz Ultrasonic Transducer and Digital Generator System
- (2 Set For First and Second Ultrasonic Sump)
- Hot Gas Bypass (Primary Refrigeration)
- VaporTrap (Secondary Refrigeration)
- Solvent Vapor Control (shuts off heat if primary refrigeration fails)
- High Temperature Control (prevents heater burnout)
- Digital Liquid Temperature Control (controls solvent boiling temperature) - - Low Level Control (shuts off heat if solvent level falls too low)
- Base Mounted with Heavy Duty wheels with Foot Pads
- Two (2) sets of Operating, Maintenance, and Instruction Manuals
Electrical Schematic (B Size), Refrigeration Schematic (B Size), Control Panel Layout (B Size) & General Assembly Prints * Model Dependent


Standard RS50 

Solvent Recovery Still

Product Description

- All Solvent Wetted Parts of Stainless Steel T-304 Construction
- Stainless Steel T-304 Water Separator
- Stainless Steel T-304 Cover
- Stainless Steel Cooling Coils
- Air Cooled Refrigeration - No water utilities required to connect
- Safety Vapor Control
- Shuts heaters off if refrigeration fails
- High Temperature Control
- Prevents heater burnout if solvent level falls too low
- Digital Liquid Temperature Control
- Controls solvent boiling temp. and shuts heat off if temp. exceeds user’s set point
- Low Level Control
Shuts off heaters if solvent level reaches or exceeds minimum set point Dirty Solvent Outlet Conveniently Located to Drain Directly into Waste Drums   *Model Dependent