Healthier Environment for current and future generations

  • Precision cleaning for any surfaces and subtances
  • Anti-Corrosion Application
  • Cost saving lighting solution and general purpose cleaning

About Us

Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc.

We are a company focused on developing products and systems that promote a healthier environment for current and future generations.

  • Provides greener and better products for environment
  • Aims to produce colorless and safest for cleaning and degreasing substances
  • Giving Excellence in preventing corrosion and contamination on all surfaces

We encourage our partners and customers to lend a helping hand in saving Mother Earth and develop products that mediate, reduce and prevent the devastating effects of global warming.


Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc. a chemical cleaner supplier started as a single proprietorship company way back 2002 originally as Bassett's Environmental Products supplying a lone product for precision cleaning application to the metal, aerospace and electronics companies within PEZA.

Bassett's Environmental Products later acquired other products to complement the lone product, solvent degreaser sold to industries. These are Ultrasonic Vapor Degreasing Machine and ultrasonic table top machine and Green Power Alkaline Cleaner.

Last 2009, we changed our name to Enviro Tech Asia International Trading as we expanded to cater to more products in our portfolio, we added the products for anti-corrosion application and also cleaners for general purpose cleaning applications.

The company encouraged other business partners to join by 2015 and later became a corporation. The group decided then to put a new name being a corporation as Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc.

We carried on with our business endeavors using the new name from there on as Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc. (AVS, Inc.).

In line with our continued advocacy to preserve the environment, AVS, Inc. also promoted LED as a cost saving lighting solutions. EnviroLED, the Durable Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly family of LED Lighting Products.


Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc.

ASIA VIRESCENT SOLUTIONS, INC. (AVS, Inc.) envisions itself to be the lead in distributing environmentally friendly products to Asia and other parts of the globe and eventually become independent distributor of OSS Multi-purpose Cleaner/Degreaser and AV Solution Cleaning Solvent/Liquid - a very good alternative industrial cleaning solution that is safe to environment.


Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc.

Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc. (AVS, Inc.) as a company commits itself to the following purpose of being:

  • To participate actively in the preservation of the environment
  • To educate and to convince the people about the hazards and dangers of using harmful chemicals in industries;
  • To promote concern for the environment thru personal and organizational conviction and lifestyle;
  • To make the market aware of environmentally friendly products as a very good alternative in industrial cleaning processes and to make it available to users;
  • To become competitive in the market in terms of price and accessibility; and,
  • To convince the decision makers like the government and industry owners to prefer to use non-hazardous and safe cleaning solvents and be serious in the formulation, regulation, and implementation of apt policies.

We encourage our partners and customers to lend a helping hand in saving Mother Earth and develop products that mediate, reduce and prevent the devastating effects of global warming.


Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc.

Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc. (AVS, Inc.) as a company commits itself to uphold the following core values:

  • A competitive source of income for competent and committed individuals
  • A workplace that fosters positive work culture and harmonious working relationship among its employees and administrators
  • A business organization that provides an opportunity for continued growth and learning for its members – professionally and organizationally
  • A business endeavor that puts premium to customer satisfaction and motivation in the workplace through upholding integrity, honesty, and genuine service
  • A business organization that adheres to the set compliance standards of the government and other stakeholders
  • A company that recognizes the importance of every member’s contribution towards development and improvement of the its systems and procedures
  • A company that gives importance to the welfare and needs of each of its member


We offer our customers the following quality products at the most competitive prices.

AV Solution

The preferred choice in n-PB solvent solutions for metal cleaning, metal fabricating and metal finishing.


The biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic, concentrated surfactant system. With both Hydrophilic and oleophobic properties.

Green Power

Minimizes toxic waste removal. Brightens aluminum, brass and copper. Use cold or hot. SAFE for ALL brands of aqueous parts washers, deburring, ultrasonics, floor scrubbers, pressure and steam cleaners. Low foam and free rinsing.

Super CORR A

Combined Lubricant And Corrosion Prevention Compound MIL-DTL-87177B (revised MIL-L-87177A) Type I, Grade B


Asia Virescent Solutions, Inc. (AVS, Inc.) Company puts premium to quality of product and excellence in service. Goals are set to be accomplished only by providing the best quality for Environmental chemicals and products. Attaining No.1 Customer Satisfaction is a top priority.

Quality is built into the products, methods, and systems; hence, it is important that all employees understand and strictly comply with all quality regulations.

    Instructional Videos

Vapor Degreasing

OSS Cleaning

Hotel Industry

Aircraft Maintenance

Maritime Industry



PIPAC Analysis of OSS-1 Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser


Bio-Assay Test Result for OSS Multi-Purpose Cleaner from UP Diliman

Customer Evaluation

Kitchen Hood Cleaning using OSS-1 at a client's facility

Food Industry

Product evaluation of OSS-1 on its application to the food industry

Lighthouse Marina & Resort


Picasso Hotel


Carpet Cleaning


Aircon Cleaning

Cleaning Evaporator and Spot Coolers Using OSS Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Frequently Asked Questions

  • AV Solution is a precision cleaning solvent for use in applications where high integrity vapour cleaning is needed. It is used in Aerospace, Medical and Electronics Industries. AV Solution is a safer alternative to the carcinogenic and ozone depleting trichloroethylene (TCE).

  • TCE is a known category 2 carcinogen with the R45 label - May cause Cancer. It is also considered to be a reproductive toxin although is not labelled as such since the HSE consider that classifying it as a carcinogen would mean that employers / users would not need to take further precautions since a carcinogen is the most toxic.

  • In 2004 the substance, n propyl bromide was reclassified from:
    R10, R20, Xn to R11, R60, R48/20, R63, R36/37/38, R67, T
    This classifies it as Reprotoxic and puts it into the group of CMR’s (Carcinogens, Mutagens and Reprotoxic).

  • A similar chemical, Iso Propyl Bromide was cited as a known fertility toxicant to justify the change. Studies now show that the Iso Propyl Bromide metabolises in a completely different way to nPB and therefore direct comparisons cannot be drawn. More recent work shows that any fertility effect, which is first seen after exposure to > 500ppm, is based on the secondary narcotic effect and not a direct effect. Therefore we believe that the R60 classification is not sustainable.

  • AV Solution is a preparation and not a substance and is therefore subject to the Preparations Directive 1999/45/EC. This is implemented into UK law by the CHIP regulations, although the EU directive always takes precedence. In classifying and labelling AV Solution, we have referred to Article 6(3) of Directive 1999/45/EC. This allows us to classify the product according to its effect on man. We have a number of case studies from around the world demonstrating that there is no evidence of reproductive toxicity at the relatively high exposure levels recorded. These levels are 5-10 times those typically found around a vapour degreaser. We have therefore maintained our original classification of Xn R20. Harmful by inhalation and R36/37/38 Irritating to eyes respiratory system and skin.

  • nPB is not a carcinogen. There have been many studies over the years and there has never been an indication that it has a carcinogenic effect. In the United States of America it is not listed as a carcinogen by IARC or the NTP. Studies on commissioned Invitro Human Cell Bioassay of Commonly Used Vapour Degreasing Solvents as peer reviewed and published in Toxicology and Industrial Health 2006; 22: 301_315, show that the results are consistent with previous animal testing and confirm that nPB has no mutagenic effect within the exposure levels tested. It confirms the hazards with TCE and also indicates potential mutagenic hazards with using HFE’s for which there is very little animal testing data available.

  • MnPB does not have an official OEL although various organisations have issued recommendations. The US EPA have recently given nPB SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy) approval making it a safe alternative for vapour degreasing. They quote it as less toxic than TCE. Their recommended exposure limit of 25ppm maximum is based on the Duoll and Rozman report but with much higher uncertainty factors and is close to the generally accepted solvent levels found in practice around vapour degreasers.

  • No.
    nPB was reclassified in the 29th ATP as R11 Highly flammable following some debatable test results and a majority opinion from an expert group. Many experts disagree with the opinion. When the same test method was used on other common vapour degreasing solvents, similar flash points were found. If those flash points were used to define their flammability then all would be Flammable (R10) or Highly flammable (R11)
    Solvent | Flash point | Derived Flammability
    Trichloroethylene | +24ºC | R10
    Methylene Chloride | -5.5 ºC | R11
    HFE 72 DE | -9 ºC | R11
    HFE 71 DE | -16 ºC | R11
    HFE 71 A | -14 ºC | R11
    nPB | -5 ºC | R11
    When other appropriate methods are used, no flash point can be found. However the HSE are not prepared to reclassify those solvents or change the R11 assigned to nPB. AV Solution, being a preparation can be self classified and our products have tested by an independent GLP test house specialising in flammability and risk assessment who confirm they do not have a flash point and are therefore not flammable.

  • We are concerned that industry is continuing to use a known carcinogen such as TCE when there are safer products such as AV Solution available. Employees and the general population are being exposed to the risk of cancer which once developed is a permanent threat to life. Some small risk of fertility impairment which is transitory and can be managed is surely the way forward. As a company, we are committed to Responsible Care and our technical specialist distributors promote solvent reduction programs to reduce the effect on the environment.

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