AV Solution - MRS

“AV Solution-MRS” is also being used as a “mold release solution”
when the mold surface must be free from any contaminations or coatings.

“AV Solution-MRS” a solvent that cleans metal surfaces. Removes oils, paint, dirt, and many contaminants.
It clean and coat to protect the propeller from rust, oxidation, and corrosion.
The AV Solution-MRS has 2% silicon in it and creates a protective coating over the metal surface.



Used for metal services to prevent Rust, Oxidation, and Corrosion caused by humidity & moisture.


Purging compressor coolant lines for contamination and coat the to prevent, Rust, Oxidation & Corrosion to pipe lines.

Injection Molding Mold Release

To clean the mold surface and prevent parts from sticking to the molds in between shots.

Reusable Spray Cans

We sell AV Solution-MRS in 1-gallon & 5-gallon containers and for those would like to apply it by spray application, we also have them in reusable spray cans (made by Sure Shot) for spray application.


  • Is a cleaning solvent that is n-PB based and contains 2% silicon within its formulation.
  • It is a Precision cleaning solvent that is a derivative of AV Solution Original formula solvent.
  • Once cleaning and flushing process has been applied, it evaporates and will leave a very thin protective coating of silicon that will protect the inside and exterior of the copper tubing to prevent rust, oxidation, or corrosion due to moisture.
  • AV Solution-MRS is also Environmentally Friendly and safe for operator use.
  • AV Solution-MRS can be used to release mold as well as a clean and coating solution that protects metal parts (from injection molding molds) while in storage. The Silicon Coating will protect the surface of the metal from rust, oxidation & corrosion.
  • Anywhere you would like to clean metal surfaces and leave them with a protective coating of Silicon to prevent RUST OXIDATION & CORROSION. You can apply the AV Solution-MRS cleaning solvent.