Battery Pro

Helps protect deep cell commercial and marine battery terminals from the harmful
effects of Sulfuric Acid build up in cars , boats, generators, etc.
and in effect extends battery life by preventing wear due to corrosion.


What does Battery Pro do?

Protects deep cell commercial and marine battery terminals from the harmful effects of Sulfuric Acid in a car, boat, generator, et. The battery supplies the electrical current that the starter motor requires to start the engine. It also provides power to the electrical components and accessories when the vehicle’s engine is off. When the electrical load exceeds the charging system’s capacity, the battery provides the extra current required. The battery also acts as a voltage stabilizer for the entire electrical system. The white powder often found on a lead / zinc positive battery terminals is most often caused by over-filling the battery with either, water or electrolyte. The electrolyte can weep from the plastic-to-lead seal in the battery case; if the battery is overcharged, sulfuric acid fumes will vaporize through the vent caps and react with the other metals. In addition, thermal expansion will force some of the liquid out of the battery vents causing a chemical reaction/corrosion.

Properties of Battery Pro

Battery Pro works by creating a protective anti-corrosion thin coating that acts as barrier on the terminal and connectors to prevent the chemical reaction with other materials. Unlike the grease solutions often used today, Battery Pro does not absorb moisture, it:

  • Maximizes battery performance by protecting connections from currentlimiting corrosion
  • Increases life expectancy of connectors and battery leads
  • Provides for a reliable battery performance even in extreme weather Conditions

For your convenience, Battery Pro comes with a cap brush assembly for easy application. A four-ounce can is enough to treat 35 batteries